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Our Specializations

Individual & Couples Counseling

Anaga Psychotherapy Center provides individual & couples counseling services tailored to meet each client's unique needs. Our experienced therapists create a safe and supportive environment to help clients explore their thoughts and emotions, improve ways to understand, communicate, and develop effective coping strategies.

Children & Adolescents Counseling

Our therapists provide empathetic support and guidance for children and adolescents facing a wide range of challenges. From depression and anxiety to behavioral issues, ADD/ADHD, bullying, learning disabilities, transitions in family structure, adolescent issues, and substance abuse, we offer a compassionate ear and expert assistance to help young individuals navigate these concerns

Play Therapy 

Play therapy is a researched and effective psychotherapeutic approach for children, facilitating the expression of complex emotions and thoughts through play. By following the child's lead in a safe environment, therapists help children communicate difficult feelings they may struggle to express verbally. Play therapy supports healthy cognitive, emotional, and social development, crucial for overall well-being. It allows children to work through unconscious conflicts and emotions symbolically or directly, making it a valuable tool in addressing behavioral and emotional issues.

Specialized Group Programs

 At Anaga Psychotherapy Center, we offer specialized group programs tailored to support individuals dealing with domestic violence (certified by DCF) and substance abuse through outpatient services. Our Domestic Violence Group provides a safe space for participants to explore the impact of abuse, learn coping strategies, and build supportive connections with others who share similar experiences. Additionally, our Substance Abuse Outpatient Program offers structured sessions focusing on recovery, relapse prevention, and developing healthy behaviors. Participants receive personalized support and guidance to address addiction issues, fostering a path towards long-term sobriety and improved well-being. Each program integrates evidence-based approaches to ensure comprehensive care and positive outcomes for our clients.

Our Therapeutic Approach

At Anaga Psychotherapy Center, our therapeutic approach is centered on creating a nurturing and non-judgmental space for our clients to explore their inner experiences. We are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care, and our team is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. Our goal is to make the therapeutic journey a positive and transformative experience for each individual we serve.

 We specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help individuals identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors. Our CBT sessions are designed to empower clients to overcome challenges and achieve positive mental well-being.

My Approach


We accept various insurance plans including Aetna, Oscar, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and UnitedHealthcare, as well as most Medicare plans, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), and other insurance providers not listed. Please call our office to confirm if we accept your insurance, or to discuss our sliding scale fee based on your income. Our goal is to ensure that individuals have access to quality mental health care that is both affordable and tailored to their financial circumstances.

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